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milia Tax

Web & app- Sr. Product designer

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Challenge Statement

Current Tax system in Germany is very complex and it is more complicated for the normal user to understand different tax processes and to be able to communicated closely with tax offices in a transparent understandable, simple way. Our goal was,  by considering DATEV well known taxation system in Germany to create a transparent and easy usable platform for tax offices and their users, that they could be able to transfer data easily between each other and benefit from the simplified processes.

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Design system challenge

Create and build a design system for the milia MVP product. The components need to be reusable and easily accessible by the UX /UI team as well as developers. When designing these components, the needs of the user are to be taken into careful consideration in order for the product to function effectively.

Our Goal

milias goal was to maximise the automatisation of the taxation processes between tax offices, their clients and also with the city DATEV system. The milia  is a central transparent platform for the transparent exchange of tax information between tax offices and digital collaboration with their clients.  


Task Management

We created a tructured task management based dashboard  for the Tax offices on workflows and synchronises responsibilities and responsibilities with DATEV.


Document sharing system

Documents sharing are now days in tax offices  time-consuming for tax advisors. Now in the milia platform they can be exchanged at the push of a button from the DATEV system.
Your client receives new documents and can download them or ask questions

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